Oscars oasis is a show the characters are: Buck, Harchi, Popy, Oscar, Roco, Manolo, The Chickens, The Chicks, The Bugs, The Crocodiles, The Meerkats, and Lizardette.

Gallery Edit

  • These are the photos below:

Trivia Edit

  • Surprisingly, after the episode "Godlizard Returns" the trio were back to normal. It might be possible the alien that caused the transformation on the trio was a spell or the trio used something that made them bigger and washed off the paint that was on them.
  • The trio, Roco, and the skunk are anthropomorphic, which means they walk on two feet and have human characteristics, such as throwing things, sitting like humans, and they instead of using their tongues to drink, except sometimes Roco, they use their hands and drink in water bottles.

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