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Buck, Harchi, Any food to eat, Any water to drink, Dividing food and drinks in her favour, Finding interesting things in the trash or stealing them from Oscar, Hunting Chickens with Buck and Harchi.


Oscar, Being attacked by the Chickens, The Meerkats, The Skunk, The Crocodiles, Roco, Losing to Harchi in games.


fennec fox (desert fox)


sandy yellow

Popy The Fennec FoxEdit

One of the shows main characters, and a desert fox (fennec).

Popy is the boss of the trio, and probably their most intelligent member. And she usually gives the orders and makes the plans. Although Popy can unwind and have fun with her two friends, she nonetheless has a short-temper and is quick to punish Buck and Harchi should they annoy her. Popy is also very greedy and will frequently attempt, through trickery or force, to keep most (if not all!) of the food or drinks that the trio acquires for herself alone. Or take (much) more then her fair share when Buck and Harchi aren't looking. Popy will sometimes make a deal with Oscar or Roco to get something she wants, but she will always cheat on her end of the bargain. However this usually comes to bite her in the butt such as when she asked Oscar to complete her collection promising food but giving him a rock he sent her entire collection flying straight into the croc territroy. Another example is when she promised Roco rewards from a photo only to give him the photo angering him showing that Popy also has a bit of a mean streak to her.

Though Buck and Harchi rarely openly defy her or risk her wrath, they sometimes will try, and succeed, to pull a fast on Popy herself as well. When the trio rides around in their cart or their other vehicles Popy decides where they are going, and she's not above forcing her companions to go faster! In spite of her personality, she does sincerely care about Buck and Harchi. Popy, aided by Buck and Harchi, will frequently attempt to steal food, drink or desireable items from Oscar or Roco and Manolo's truck. In turn she's frequently vexed by Oscar's many attempts to steal food and drinks from the trio as well.

In the OOOHHHasis cartoon shorts, Popy's predecessor was originally a male fennec fox named Panic.


popy hates losing.

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