Three meerkats.

The Meerkats are social mongooses that appear in some episodes, such as "Corn to be Wild." They seem to be the most intelligent out of the other animals, as seen in "Meerkat Blues," when they use teamwork to hoard the Trio's fruit sodas.


The meerkats are tan in color with a white underbelly. They have a tuft of hair standing up on their heads, and have dark brown stripes on their heads, backs, and tails. Their arms and feet are coated in dark brown 'socks', with a white muzzle. Their eyes are black with small ears and long snouts.


The Meerkats are intelligent, able to steal items with teamwork. They live in underground tunnels (as real life meerkats do) as seen in "Pineapple Chase," when the Trio try taking a can of pineapple juice from them. They are fast and agile, able to outrun anything in the desert. The Meerkats also seem to get along with Oscar sometimes, as seen in, "The Unexpected Hero" where Oscar helps the Meerkats get away from the Trio and save them, hence the name "Hero."