Introduction Edit

Harchi eats a lot of cake and sodas, which makes him fat. Will Popy, Buck, and Oscar make him skinny?

Plot Edit


Characters Edit

  • Oscar
  • Popy
  • Harchi
  • Buck
  • Chickens
  • Crocodiles (1 crocodile only)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Harchi gets fat because, even in real life, eating too much unhealthy foods and drinks made Harchi fat.
  • This is the episode with the most mistakes of all.
  • Harchi might or might've not had swimming classes because the positive is that there was water and swimming is a sport but the reason Harchi might've not taken swimming is because there were crocodiles. If Harchi took swimming classes, it is possible the Trio went to find another body of water or Popy took care of it by making the crocodiles go away.

Errors Edit

  • When Popy locked the bus, she was in the sun, but when Harchi saw the equipments, she was in the shade and later reappeared in the sun.
  • After Popy makes a disapproving growl because Harchi couldn't lift the dumbbell, Harchi had no palm trees behind him, but later, there were palm trees behind Harchi.
  • When Popy saw the palm trees, there was no water seen, but when Harchi was going to climb the rope, there was a pool of water.
  • When Oscar was going to take the hot dog after tennis, the hot dog appeared overcooked and it wasn't like that before, but when Popy grabbed the hot dog ready to throw it to the water, the hot dog was normal.
  • When Oscar toppled down some bars together, there were four that Harchi was laying on, but when about to fall, one of the bars are missing.
  • When Harchi chased for some apples on Roco's truck, there were boxes of apples, but when Roco is about to fall to a pit due to distraction, all the boxes of apples were gone.
  • If Popy had a stick, skinny and fragile, then when it hit Harchi, why didn't it break?

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